Former Thai PM slams corruption conviction


2008-10-21 13:41:00

By ROB HARRIS – Associated Press Writer
© AP

Former Thai PM slams corruption convictionMANCHESTER, England (AP) – Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said Tuesday that his conviction by a Thai court on a corruption charge is politically motivated because it was plotted by the leaders of the 2006 coup that ousted him from power.
A court in Bangkok on Tuesday found Thaksin guilty of a corruption charge and sentenced him to two years in prison, adding a new twist to the country’s paralyzing political crisis.

«It was expected, it wasn’t a surprise and there will be more (charges) to come,»

Thaksin told The Associated Press by telephone from his home near London.
The guilty verdict was the first against the country’s former leader since he was ousted by a 2006 military coup after being accused of corruption and abuse of power.
Billionaire Thaksin jumped bail and fled to Britain while the corruption charges were pending. He has repeatedly proclaimed his innocence.

«It was politically motivated since the court is a carry-forward of the coup d’etat,» Thaksin said. «I’m a politician and after I was toppled by the coup it’s normal that they will try every means to justify it.

Thaksin said he would distribute translations of the testimonies from the case to the international community.

«They don’t use the rule of the law as evidence, they follow the politics,» he said. «They try to use the court to manage politics. I think the British people and the world understand that isn’t democracy.

Thaksin, who sold English Premier League football club Manchester City last month to an Abu Dhabi investors, said he was confident he would be able to remain in Britain.

«I was waiting for today before planning my life,» he said. «I want to be a prominent businessman in the U.K. if the British people will welcome me.



  1. How could he twist the story like this!
    There is no political motivated to this case. The politicians are the one who govern the contry and lead coutry for the bright future. Now it is proved no matter how high degree you earn from education, but it is no different if those person has no ability to think which is right which is wrong and which is ethical.

    To the BBC news report today. I wanted to correct that he is not the first one to try to solve the problem for the poor Thai people as Thailand priminister. Why those poor support him and though he is good. Because the simple is money is tangible thing where those can buy food, mobile, new cloths etc. What about when no money, what to do.

    So 1 Million distributed to each distric around Thailand..How much do you think? This is the simple of business man and capitalism perspective. More money in the market, so business can flow.

    Thailand is argricultural country, so why not try to solve the argricultural problem so they can produce more productivity, so why not solve the infrastructure..if Taksin and government is that smart.
    Sorry for those people.

    I never heard his government policy to solve the problem of those poor Thai who living by doing farm /argriculture. To solve the problem you must able to identified the root course of problem and find strategies to solve it whether a short term and long term.

    Problem with Thai political is they selfish. They are not that smart so the thing is people is not smart though nobody smarter than them. Only because they are politicians do not mean they are good people.


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