Power’s perks

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Published: January 16 2008 02:00 | Last updated: January 16 2008 02:00

When the Thai army seized power from Thaksin Shinawatra – the telecommunications mogul turned politician – in a 2006 coup d’état, they cited Thaksin’s alleged corruption as one of their main justifications.

Throughout his tenure, Thaksin was accused of so-called “policy corruption”, or using his state powers to benefit his family business, though he has not been criminally convicted of any wrongdoing.

But the army hardly seems immune from the temptations of which they accused the ousted leader. On Tuesday, the military-installed government approved hefty 15 per cent salary rises for the top six generals behind the coup and 436 of their supporters.

It is a rise well above the standard for average government officials – and it is the third time since the coup 16 months ago that they have been granted such large increases. So much for holding the moral high ground.


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