Thailand’s EC threatens to take measures against pro-Thaksin CDs  2007-12-08 18:16:28

    BANGKOK, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) — Thailand’s Election Commission (EC) Saturday threatened to take tough measures against those who distributed CDs containing video clips of ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra, according to local media.

    About five million CDs were thought to have been distributed in crucial northern provinces, where Thaksin and his allies of the former ruling party Thai Rak Thai were still popular among voters.

    EC chairman Apichart Sukhakkhanont said election commissioners will meet next week to discuss the matter, according to Bangkok Post news website.

    “Election Commission will take legal measures against those who are involved in this,” the EC head said, adding “but we will have to see whether any political parties have a hand in this.”

    Apichart said he has listened to the controversial CD and found that it contains rousing public messages, which is inappropriate.

    Thailand is expecting a new general election on Dec. 23, 15 months after the country experienced a military coup on Sept. 19 last year which ousted the Thaksin administration and installed an interim government.

    Anti-graft agencies have launched corruption charges against Thaksin, who has resided in Britain in a self-imposed exile since deposed.

    The People Power Party, which groups many former executives of the now defunct Thai Rak Thai Party and is seen as the new banner for Thaksin and his allies, is leading recent public opinion polls on election outcomes.

    The EC’s move on the Thaksin CDs came one day after it threatened to take legal action against the webmaster of a pro-Thaksin website, allegedly for accusing her of taking sides with apolitical party.

Editor: Wang Hongjiang



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