Former Thai Rak Thai executives to rally to complain  2007-11-25 16:02:14

    BANGKOK, Nov. 25 (Xinhua) — Some of the former senior members of the now-disbanded Thai Rak Thai Party (TRT) wanted to deliver public speeches before general election, the Bangkok Post Webnews reported Sunday.

    Urging the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to be fully cooperative, these former TRT executives, who call themselves “House No. 111”, said that they will give a public speech in Nonthaburi province on Sunday evening.

    Earlier, the group planned to deliver a speech Friday at Bangkok’s Lumpini park but were not granted authorization by the BMA.

    Since all the 111 executives of the TRT party have been banned from politics by the Constitution Tribunal, the Election Commission (EC) had advised them to steer clear of all political activities including election campaigning.

    However, Tossaporn Serirak, one of the banned executives, was quoted by the Bangkok Post Webnews as saying that the group has made a decision to give a public speech on Sunday anyway.

    Chaturon Chaisaeng, former acting leader of TRT, is expected to take to the stage to outline how members of “House No. 111” are being unfairly treated by government officials.

    TRT, former ruling party, was founded by Thailand’s former premier Thaksin Shinawatra. After last year’s military coup which toppled Thaksin, TRT was dissolved later by the Constitution Courtsince it was found guilty of breaking election laws. TRT’s executives were also banned from politics for five years.

    Recently, as the Dec. 23 general election is getting closer, some TRT members hoped to show their support to the People Power Party which has accepted many former TRT members. However, they are forbidden to attend any political rally.

Editor: Gao Ying

Former Thai Rak Thai executives to rally to complain_English_Xinhua



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