English translation of confidential documents of the CNS


Urgent                                       Memorandum

Official Department: CNS (News and Information Management Section Telephone:0-2297-7977)

Memo No. CNS0003.5/480

Date September 14, 2007

Re: News and Information Operation from the present until the last date of the MP[1] application

To:  Army Commander-in-Chief/Chairman of the CNS

Reference: Confidential memorandum of CNS No.00:03.5/458 dated August 23, 2007

Attachment:  Schedule of Operation Plans regarding the News and Information Management from the Present Date until the last date for MP application

1.   As the Chairman of the CNS has kindly approved the framework for the news and information management operation for Phase 1 (the present date until the last date for MP application) such that the Section can work out detailed operation plan.

2.   The News and Information Management Section of the CNS has prepared and completed the detailed work plan for the news and information management operation and submitted the work plan. Details of such work plan can be summarized as follows:

2.1 News and information management mission- the CNS shall conduct the news and information management operation to create appropriate environment for the election process including the encouragement of certain political gatherings with creative public contribution objectives.

2.2 Purpose of the news and information management operation

2.2.1 to promote national reconciliation by using the news and information management operation, as follows: to promote and create national reconciliation among the public by focusing on the common goal as center of reconciliation plan, to inform the public of disadvantages causing by differences opinion

2.2.2  to discredit the anti-government and anti-coup  movements using the news  and information management operation, as follows: prevent middle class people from appreciation or consenting of anti-government movement’s ideas to point out the disadvantage of the populism policy of the last government to grass-root level to deter and reduce the efforts of the grass root people from participating  in any political activities in Bangkok to restrict/limit political movement of core member of anti government   movements to restrict/limit any support of any government officers to anyone related to the last government

2.2.3 to support any creative gatherings of any political parties using the news and information management operation, as follows: to inform the public, particularly the middle class people, the facts of various political parties gatherings to inform the public, particularly the middle class people, of the similarities of the policies of Thai Rak Thai Party and People’s Power Party to guide/persuade the grass root people to protest the last government intervention of the People’s Power Part, by showing the people that all the bad policies of Thai Rak Thai which caused damages to the people and the country will be brought back to inform the public of all corruptions, abuse of power and unfair practice   of the last government which will be brought back to Thailand through the People’s Power Party to cause awareness and promote anti-Thaksin movements.

2.2.4 To lessen the concern of the public on the army’s power/political succession plan and to prevent any new condition using the news and information management operation, as follows: to publicize non-political activities to motivate the people, especially grass root level, to trust the army to prevent any condition which may create fear or hate of army by the grass root people.

3. After careful review of the situation, the Section believe that  there are many uncertainties which can be critical from the present until the last date of MP application. Therefore, it is imperative for the CNS to conduct the news and information management operation to adjust the political environment in order to promote the democracy under the constitution monarchy system and to prevent/deter undesirable group of people who place their interest above the public from gaining power.  The Section propose that the detailed work plan as specified in the attached schedule be carried out by various government offices.

4. The Section request the detailed work plan under item 3 above be approved.

Army Colonel Chatchalerm Chalermsuk 

Meeting regarding Campaign against Election Fraud

Problems or questions which have not been clarified or confirmed during the meeting

1.  Method/Operation

1. How many group of trainers to be employed for the units to be able to carry out the campaign.

2. How many trainers per each group.

3. Will there be any support from other offices?

4. Will it be possible for the CNS to provide financial support for activities other then training and seminar?

5. The target group for anti-election fraud campaign can be divided as follows:

-  Officers’ families, we can use our potentials to educate and clarify

-  Communities near military camp, can we conduct the campaign legally? Will our campaign repetitive with activities of other government offices?

6. The presentation of the trainers shall be clear and precise. How to begin, when to end the presentation.  The Office of the CNS Secretariat shall approve the training program to ensure compliance with the government and the Election Committee.

7. How to use of media before, during and after the campaign. The use of media coverage shall cover all levels; (i) for high level, use TV, newspaper, internet, nationwide radio stations, (ii) for regional level, use local TV, regional army radio channels, local newspaper, printing materials, local cable TV, trainings and seminars, (iii) for provincial, district and village level, use posters and printing materials.

8. Campaign against vote-buying can also be done in defensive mode; i.e. to provide information to the public the negative effect once the ‘bad’ politicians are elected. On the offensive side, we shall work closely with the Election Committee.

9. Those campaigns to be conducted by the military are repetitive with those planned by the Election Committee.

10. We shall provide information to officers so they can distribute those information to their families and friends.

11. We shall use those trainers who are widely accepted and recognized within the military to create trustworthiness.

12. We shall provide information on the election law and relevant regulations (including any restrictions) so that we can clarify with our officers and preferred candidates.

13. We shall publicize information about corruptions of the last government.

14. The trainers shall be effective and convincing.

15. To consider whether it is possible for the Office of the CNS Secretariat to dispatch the training unit to provide training and seminars to other units of the military.

16. To consider the mechanism to determine the ranking of the trainers so as to increase recognition and acceptance among the trainees.

2.  Purpose and Objective of the operation

2.1 We shall be clear on our list of preferred candidates and who shall be appointed   to the Election Committee of each election zone.

2.2 We shall be clear on the purpose so that we can implement the program effectively; such as ‘to promote election, or to campaign against election fraud’.

2.3 The objective of the campaign is to bring good people to the parliament. But from practical standpoint, presently the lower units have no information on preferred candidates or preferred political party. The implementation may not be effective.

2.4 How can our officers have information whether who is our preferred candidate, who is our friend.  Information we received from public source are passive information received through others.

2.5 The CNS need to analyze each region of Thailand to determine whether each of them is our alliance or not. After that, we shall set up our troops of trainers into enemy zone effectively.

2.6 We shall not fight without proper planning, save our force and resources.

2.7 We need clear direction of our operation and what the expected outcome is so that our operation team know what need to be done.

2.8 Which political party the Commander wants our officers to vote for.

3.  Budget and support

3.1 the budget shall be sufficient and appropriate.

3.2 We used to have problem with delayed budget.

[1] MP means member of the Parliament

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