Thai coup makers list successes


BANGKOK, Sept. 3: The Council for National Security is preparing to issue a report on its achievements in the year since the 19 September, 2006 coup that ousted Mr Thaksin Shinawatra.

The key members met today to discuss what the council has achieved. A press conference will be held on 19 September to make a formal announcement, which will include a statement on the upcoming end of the CNS’s role.

Among the major actions taken by a number of bodies since the coup were ~ the freezing of assets worth more than Bt 70 billion belonging to former premier Mr Thaksin and his family; the Constitution Tribunal’s disbanding of the Thai Rak Thai Party; and the tribunal’s order banning 111 Thai Rak Thai executives from political activity.

Colonel Sansern Kaewkam-noed, the CNS spokesman said legal proceedings involving the ousted government were expected to remain on course until the completion of the judicial review. “The CNS will have to end its role after the general election is held and the new government is set up, so it will be the duty of the next government to continue the tasks,” he said. Asked what would happen if former Thai Rak Thai politicians return to power, he merely said the election outcome was unknown and would have to be determined by all eligible Thai voters.

Meanwhile, assistant army chief general Mr Saprang Kalya-namitr described the coup as a “success” because it had helped restore normalcy in the wake of a leadership crisis.

CNS chief general Mr Sonthi Boonyaratglin yesterday also promised to have an answer within a month on whether he would enter politics. “Just wait for 30 days and I will speak about my future plans,” he said during a trip to bid farewell to soldiers in the six northern provinces. Regarding the naming of his successor, he said the list of the military line-up would be submitted to the defence ministry by the middle of this month. Under the military’s procedures, the ministry will combine the lists from the respective wings of the armed forces for the prime minister to present for royal approv

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