Thaksin ready to ‘advise’ allies in new party


Posted: 02 August 2007 1544 hrs

BANGKOK: Thailand’s deposed premier Thaksin Shinawatra is ready to advise his allies who have taken over the novice People Power party, although he will not support them financially, his lawyer said Thursday.
Thaksin’s own Thai Rak Thai (TRT) party was dissolved in late May by a military-appointed court that also barred the billionaire politician from running for office.

But about 300 top TRT members last week joined the little-known People Power party, giving them a vehicle to run in elections that the military-ruled government has promised to hold by the end of the year.

“Thaksin is totally finished with his political career and unlikely to be an active participant of the People Power party or to give financial support to them,” said Noppadon Pattama, Thaksin’s lawyer and de facto spokesman in Bangkok.

“But if the party’s executives would like to ask him for advice, I think Thaksin will be willing to give it,” Noppadon told reporters.
People Power has never held a seat in parliament, but the sudden arrival of hundreds of experienced politicians from Thaksin’s camp will dramatically raise the profile of a party little known to most Thais.

“I believe that those who formerly supported Thai Rak Thai would be ready to support People Power in the new election,” said Noppadon, who is among those who have joined the party.

Thaksin has lived in exile, mainly in London, since the coup last September.

He has remained in the headlines in Thailand, partly for a string of corruption cases but also for his takeover of England’s Manchester City football club.

Thailand’s military-ruled government is preparing for its first test at the ballot box on August 19, when it puts an army-backed constitution before voters in a referendum.

The military says the new constitution will clear the way for elections, but opponents fear it will provide ways for the army to maintain an influence over government through powerful appointees.

Campaigning for the referendum is tilted heavily in the government’s favour, with half the country under martial law since the coup and a new law threatening prison time for anyone convicted of obstructing the vote. – AFP/ac



  1. I live in Maryland USA and used to have Dinner with Khun Taksin when he came here Washington DC two years ago. I was graduated from Mont Fort College in Chiangmai year of 03 Taksin year of 08. I would like to have address Khun Taksin in London eventhough P. O. Box is Okay I understand for security but I would like to write letter or note to Khun Taksin people here in Maryland Pro and Cons. But I am Pro 100% including my wife nobody can say bad about Taksin. I have to be careful with her. Eventhough Head Monk Wat Thai DC “Luang Ta Chee” Love Taksin and whoever hate Taksin cannot visit Wat Thai DC at all.
    So I would like to write some note and cheer Khun Taksin when he is in trouble.
    Thank You – Kop Khun In advance for assistance my wishes. ขอบคุณครับ
    Cannot type in Thais that good,

    Retired from World Bank and Advisor/treasuer of Northern Thai Assn. Washington DC


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