Thailand: Bangkok Rumors and Police Reforms


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Thailand: Bangkok Rumors and Police Reforms
July 10, 2007 23 12  GMT

Thai army intelligence suggests militant insurgents from the country’s restive south could be about to launch attacks in the Thai capital, Bangkok police announced July 10. If true, this would indicate a major shift in militant tactics. But the southern militants have little to gain from hitting Bangkok, meaning this is more likely an attempt by the police to boost their own standing, strengthening their say over a proposed bill for sweeping reforms to the police force.

Bangkok was put on alert July 10 after Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lt. Gen. Adisorn Nonsee said army intelligence warned that militants from the country’s restive south could be about to launch an attack in the capital. The police announced they are beefing up security in response to the intelligence.

To date, the militants’ violent activities have been confined to the south, concentrated mainly in the provinces of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat. Any escalation of violence beyond this region into the capital would indicate a major shift in militant tactics. Given the militants’ recent successes in the south — and given an interim government increasingly stressing negotiation, since its attention is otherwise occupied with keeping Bangkok politics on track — the militants have little to gain from hitting Bangkok.

The motivations behind, and interest groups driving, the southern insurgency are usually associated with religious and ethnic tensions, but corrupt police officials, drug smugglers and organized criminals also play a big part. Regardless of their underlying motivation, however, it is in all the militants’ interest to keep violence burning at a low enough level to avoid provoking a large-scale military clampdown, as happened under ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Bringing militant activity to the capital could indicate either that a more internationalist element is coming into play or that factions with stronger political motives have decided to up the stakes.

Previous Bangkok attacks have been linked to southern militants — such as the New Year’s Eve bombing. But recently, the police have displayed a tendency to issue multiple warnings that have failed to materialize into real threats. Widespread consensus inside Bangkok holds that the New Year’s Eve attacks and recent telephone booth bombings were the work of anti-junta politicians, an assessment with which Stratfor agrees. Unable to catch the culprits, the police often resort to statements pinning the blame on southern insurgents. Rumors have been circulating that future governments will seek to explain away unresolved Bangkok attacks in a bid for closure and to diminish the attacks’ associated political tensions.

This latest police statement, however, has not been instigated by an unresolved Bangkok attack. Instead, it is more likely an attempt by the police to boost their standing in Bangkok to strengthen their say over a proposed bill soon to be sent to Parliament. This bill relates to sweeping reforms to be made to the police force. The reforms aim to do three things: reduce corruption, reduce political interference and transfer the task of running the police force from the prime minister’s office to the Justice Ministry. The two bills in question have broad support from the police, though some elements unhappy that the measures’ drafting involved little consultation with the police are resisting the proposals.


The police traditionally have been a bastion of support for Thaksin. While Thaksin’s influence on Bangkok’s police is not as strong as before, pushing through legislation that would completely overhaul the police force structure would further help the government sever any lingering links between Thaksin and the police.
While the police’s future remains uncertain, the government’s recent run of success at maintaining stability inside Bangkok probably will not be derailed. The desire by Bangkok’s people for elections to proceed as planned, and for things to return to some form of political certainty — with or without a permanent military presence in the new government — is too great to allow instability to return to the capital city.

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4 Responses

  1. It seems that someone in Bangkok, someone with the ability to place pressure on the local Police here (Royal Thai Police and the alleged CIA of Thailand) has employed the services of some Eastern and Southern ex-soviet countries Europeans to both psycho-terrorise and rob foreigners and wealthy Thais in Bangkok and elsewhere in the country…
    Here is a report from the Metropolitan Police /New Scotland Yard in the UK and their opinion of these people…
    The Royal Thai Police Commissioner
    General Pol. Gen. Patcharavat Wongsuwan
    The Royal Thai Police Head Quarters

    Dear Police Commissioner

    I am writing to you concerning the ongoing background voice psycho-terrorism that has plagued the people of Bangkok and Thailand for the last five years,

    I am of the opinion that some Satanic Worshipers are behind these actions and I think I know who some of them may be. It is connected to some manager operators of bars in central Bangkok who have been fitting up Thais and foreigners for crimes they did not commit.
    I have been involved with marketing The Human Rights Declarations of The United Nations for the last five years both in Thailand and elsewhere in the region and The Middle east. My communications are usually through the public domain of the Internet since I was a major shareholder of an International Internet company with headquarters in the UK and regional offices in Thailand. We supported over one million customers in more than 120 countries aroiund the world during the seven years I was a major shareholder and The Chief Operating Officer of the company Easyspace Ltd registered in England UK. Our auditors were formerly Arthur Andersen then BDO Stoy Hayward.
    The people who conduct their psycho-terrorism campaign on Bangkok targeting me as a Human Rights Ambassador and Diplomat of The United Nations are young people. Some of many of may have be under an amount of duress to do this work and in neeed on money.

    It has led to 14 murders of people I, my family and my business friends know around the world. One man that the UK police are after is a Mr Kenneth Winn aka Winn-Poper, Wynn-Pope, Irwin , Kempe…

    Some of these people are posing as Thais but in fact they are of Turkish or Kirdish descent perhaps originating from Cyprus and the UK under the status of refugess. They have been robing many people and need to be carefully rounded up and placed where they cannot continue to conduct the crime of psycho-terrorism.

    President George W Bush is aware of this matter so too are The European Parliament and about three thousand key business and political people around the world. I have written over 5000 letters to these people about the problems it has caused Thailand and most are willing to help Thailand recover from the problem as soon as the corruption issues are under contraol. They are giving as much assistance as possible with the corruption issues.
    i knwpo some of the world’s leading bankers in both Europe and the USA and come from a sophisticated and complicated Euro-American political and business family background. President J F Kennedy was a relative to my father and onm my mother’s side we have been involved for over 100 years with various European Governments in Greenland, Denmark, Norway.
    The areas these psycho-terrorist groups of people still reside is around the Soi Nonsi area and around the area of Soi 49 Satttu Pradit. There is a group of East Europeans in the buildings soi 18 or soi 22 Naratiwat Raod behind Bangkok Garden of Soi 24 Naratiwat Roadf Bangkok. They are also squatting in an open area behind Bangkok Gardens soi 22 or 18 area. Further there are some of them under the expressway area heading straight across from Yannawa Police Station.

    I think it may take the resources of The Royal Thai Army to round them up and relocate them to a safe haven where they cannot rob or intimidate Thais and foreigners in Bangkok.

    There are reports of them kidnapping children. The same problem occurred in London UK a few years ago and elsewhere in Europe…..

    A surge in extortion rackets organized by foreign gangs has substantially increased the number of kidnappings in the capital, with the average now running at almost one a day.
    The rate of kidnappings has risen sharply in the past seven or eight years. Half of all kidnappers and victims in the capital are foreign nationals, usually from the same ethnic group. Detective Chief Superintendent Sharon Kerr, who heads Scotland Yard’s serious and organized crime unit, said the growing number of foreign criminal networks carrying out kidnaps in the city led to increasingly complex and high risk situations.
    “They are bringing their criminal enterprises with them and their different methodologies,” she said. It was vital to gain immigrant communities’ trust to help combat gangsters in their midst.
    A total of 358 kidnaps were reported in London last year, according to figures released by the Metropolitan police yesterday. The Met’s specialist kidnap unit – the only one in the UK – works on about 50-80 “live” kidnaps a year. There have been 31 cases this year, 55 last year, 85 in 2003 and 79 in 2002.
    In the other 300 or so cases, police are only notified after a ransom has been paid and the victim freed, and the true figure could be much higher, as many underworld-linked crimes go unreported.
    The involvement of so many foreign nationals in kidnaps means the Met often works with police forces in several different jurisdictions. For example, someone might be kidnapped in London and a ransom demand made in Pakistan.
    Kidnapping is particularly prevalent in the Chinese, Afro-Caribbean, south Asian and eastern European communities, where extreme violence and torture is common, often over relatively small amounts of money. Last year, a group of Lithuanian men seized a young Lithuanian after overhearing his accent in the pub. They beat him senseless and then scrolled down the numbers in his mobile phone, calling friends and relatives to demand £200. Police rescued the critically injured victim, who spent weeks on a life support machine but eventually recovered.
    So far, the Met kidnap unit, set up in 2001, has had a 100% success rate in recovering people alive. Skilled negotiators work round the clock to try to secure victims’ safe release. In as many as 80% of cases, armed officers storm the kidnappers’ stronghold and rescue the victim. But bringing the kidnappers to justice is difficult, often because victims are too frightened to testify. The prosecution rate for kidnap is just 20%, although many perpetrators are jailed for related offences.
    Please consider the need to call upon all Thailand’s resources to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Perhaps some European Police Forces can offer assistance to your local Royal Thai Police.

    Erik Young
    Human Rights Ambassador Diplomat
    The United Nations c/o Bangkok Legal Associates
    17th Floor ITF Tower Bangkok 10200
    Tel: 02-231-6096
    If I recall correctly many years ago these “someone” people fitted up the USA CIA claiming they were funding the supply and delivery of the Heroine industry when in fact they thought they were funding its destruction……..

  2. Pattaya Thailand Psychopath on the loose
    written by Erik young UN Diplomat (A Diplomat is the mirror of a Psychopath), November 11, 2008

    This morning in pattaya I watch a little boy on his dad’s motor bike hitching a ride to school. But all is not well the little boy about 10 to 12 years old looks bewildered and disturbed by the sound of a man screaming his head off and a girl being abused or used to act out rape… very starnge for rape to be an “act” most girls do not see rape as a joke. This is to do with Scxientology and its perverted course and corrosive effect on the local community.
    As soon as they are gone and their psycho-terrorism is defeated Pattaya can start a new era of low crime / crime free holidays and weekend adventures. Some new bars opening look well thought out with original themes “Airport” is one of them. There is evidfence of a much better standard of finish coming to replace the old tired bars.
    But the psycho-terror must be destroyed and the Spirit World abuse of Scientology smashed for eternity.

  3. The Damage Inflicted By The TI.cia Heroin Mafia Network Upon Children

    The Thai Prime Minister has mingled with people involved in the Heroin trade. PLEASE GET OUT OF THAILAND GO BACK TO WOKING AND THE SURREY POLICE WILL MEET YOU AT THE AIRPORT. YOU ARE An accessory to over 10 murders in the UK and Europe since 2001.
    Now stop your Heroin Network robbing and killing my family and friends tehre are 6500 million of us who do not want your violence and torture.
    Erik Young (Henry-Rasmussen-Fogh-Jellinek-Steinway-Einstein-Munch-Van Gogh- Gauguin-Da Vinci–Kennedy-Nesbitt) UN Human Rights Ambassador Bangkok Thailand
    These people were all friends of Mervyn F S Young of Woking Surrey UK

    Dr Thanat Khoman former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand and Foreign Minister and 19th Ambassador to USA at the time of J F Kennedy in the 1960s. I believe Dr Khoman may also be a relative descendant of Pharoah Tutankhamen of Ancient Egypt.
    Mr Michael Derenberg son of former Deputy Chairman of The Bank of England
    Mr Fritz Phillips of Philli[ps Electronics of The Netherlands
    Mr Joseph C Bamford founder of JCB Excavators Ltd see a UK40,000 Million pounds plus corporation still privately owned.
    Mr Alex Shilton of Send woking
    Mr Harry Wright of Knaphill Woking
    Mr Ted Rogers TV Darts Show presenter
    Mr Andre of Chiddingfold Surrey
    The owner of Cosmic in Addlestone Surrey
    Mr Fritz Eggar of Eggar Lager Austria and Eggar Spanplatten Austria
    Mr Franz Aicher of Austria
    Altogether I have about 35 cases of deaths and attempted murder.

    In Hungarya European country with just 10 million people, Dr Gönczöl has pressed for the present legislative reform for over a year. She says more than 10,000 minors a year become the victims of violent crime. The number of the offenders under 14 years of age, below the age of criminal responsibility, last year increased by 20 per cent.
    An estimated 300,000 children live in permanent danger of criminal assault. ‘Ombudsmen in the West are used to hearing a lot of complaints from children,’ she admits. ‘But things are different in this country. Hungarian children, by and large, do not complain.’

    Many of these children are the target of child abduction by the TI.cia and used in India, Thailand and elsewhere in Asia by the sex industry who prepare the girls for several years by brainwashing them into believing their parents were paedophiles to frighten them off running back home of they get a chance to escape. Some are put in bar as young as 12 or 13 years of age.

    The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are one of the sourges upon life in Sri Lanka caused by the Heroin trade. It has devastating consequences on Children many are children abducted from as far away as London UK and Europe.

    For Prabhakaran, the son of a junior government official, all manner of brutality and hardship are acceptable to achieve his goal of an Eelam or Tamil homeland. He considers anyone not committed to his objective a traitor deserving instant death. Prabhakaran’s aims are dictated exclusively by military considerations, and through a combination of terror and propaganda he has managed to ‘persuade’ Sri Lanka’s entire Tamil community into supporting his fight.

    However, military officials in Colombo have said that the LTTE, running short of recruits, has stepped up the forcible recruitment of children to bolster its flagging fighting cadres.

    Major General Janaka Perera, who was the army’s second-in-command until earlier this year before being appointed High Commissioner to Australia, said nearly 40 per cent of the rebels were between nine and 15 years old. “Their conscription is child-orientated and centred around their schools,” he added.

    Last month the United Nations Chindren’s Fund appealed to the LTTE to stop recruiting children and live up to the assurances it made to the UN Secretary General’s special representative in Colombo three years ago. However, a ‘students inspirational’ movement was launched recently by the rebels in which LTTE cadres toured schools urging youngsters to abandon their studies until ‘liberation’ was achieved.

    Children undergoing military training are issued with identification plates to wear around their neck and are initially required to do 10 days of military service a month in ‘border areas’ held by the military. After six years of fighting some children graduate to the élite suicide bomber squad and, after further rigorous training and indoctrination, are allowed to hang a cyanide pill around their neck which they ingest if captured.
    To weaken the morale of the Sri Lankan state and to neutralise any Tamil political opposition, the LTTE engages in assassinating prominent leaders of all communities and senior military commanders. The LTTE also assassinated many powerful Sinhala political and military leaders, including:

    – The minister of state for defence, General Ranjan Wijeratne (suicide car bomber);
    – The former national security minister, Lalith Athulathmudali (assassin);
    – The presidential candidate and minister, Gamini Dissanayake (female suicide bomber);
    – Navy commander Clancy Fernando (motorcycle suicide bomber);
    – Army generals Denzil Kobbekaduwa, Wijaya Wimlaratna and Lakshman Wijeratna (land mines).
    – Minister of Industrial Development C V Gooneratne (suicide bomber)

    To prevent dissent, the LTTE maintains a number of prisons and execution programmes. Among the LTTE leaders to be executed was Gopalaswamy Mahendrarajah, alias Ajith Mahattaya, long-time deputy leader of the LTTE and a childhood friend of Prabhakaran. In addition to conducting deep penetration and front-line intelligence operations, the LTTE intelligence wing headed by Pottu Amman is also responsible both for internal security and counter-intelligence.

    Operational Art and Tactical Doctrine
    The LTTE has developed its own distinctive operational art and tactical doctrine, but it is still one largely drawn from past masters – Che Guevara, Giap, Mao and Debray. The LTTE doctrine is flexible enough to exploit the opportunities that arise from time to time.

    As a highly innovative force, the LTTE is capable of retaliation against aggression, reprisals and pre-emptive strikes. Regular features of the LTTE doctrine feature the unleashing of widespread terror on soft targets. Concentrating on lightly or unprotected targets is a classic diversionary tactic in warfare, pinning down troops to static sentry/bunker duties and restraining search and destroy operations. The LTTE has bombed Sri Lankan commercial aircraft, trains and buses; gunned down priests, nuns, pilgrims and bystanders in a sacred royal city and shot Muslims while worshipping in mosques; frequently raided non-Tamil border villages and towns, massacring men, women and children; and land mined, ambushed and assaulted military and police patrols and posts.

    Battle-hardened LTTE cadres are deployed to strike heavily fortified military targets. The LTTE has vast experience in limited action against Sri Lankan forces and is highly developed in the art of mobile warfare. Over the years, the LTTE, both in terms of unconventional and semi-conventional capability, has grown. It is currently developing its conventional force capability. Mullaittivu/Weli Oya, the command, training, ordinance and the logistical headquarters of the LTTE, has a reserve strike force to support military action in other commands. Unlike the case in conventional forces, the operational commanders of the LTTE always command their cadres from the front and not from the rear. This gives the LTTE commander the distinct advantage of being able to direct the battle. Cadres are given freedom of operation within the mission.

    Military operations in theatres other than the northeast are conducted largely by cadres of the intelligence wing or by Black Tiger suicide squads. These cadres depend on helpers, mostly from the minority Tamil community, to play a supportive role: providing basic intelligence, safe houses, transport or acting as couriers. The interdiction of these squads by government counter-intelligence units and by regular troops at check points have made the LTTE multiply the number of independent operational squads dispatched for strikes in Colombo.

    The LTTE naval wing, the Sea Tigers, is operational in the seas of the northeast, but the Sea Black Tiger units are capable of operating elsewhere, including in Colombo. The LTTE Sky Tigers built two airstrips that were destroyed by the SLAF. The Sky Tigers are therefore aerially inoperative, but in collaboration with the Black Tigers and the anti-aircraft unit have staged spectacular strikes destroying several aircraft both in the air and on ground.

    The LTTE international network operates in at least 40 countries. International propaganda and fund-raising is mostly co-ordinated by LTTE leaders based both in the UK and France, mostly through the following fronts:

    · World Tamil Movement;
    · International Federation of Tamils;
    · International Secretariat of the LTTE.

    The LTTE procurement, narcotics and shipping networks remain classified, although ships frequently move between Turkey/Ukraine and Myanmar/Thailand via Mullaittivu in northern Sri Lanka.
    The global spread of child soldiers raises deep dilemmas for both policy and military strategy and tactics, and has worrisome implications for the extent, level and persistence of conflicts. In short, the ‘soft’ issue of children has become a ‘hard’ security threat that must be taken into account in war and security planning.

    Juveniles have been present in armies in the past, most notably the Hitler Jugend in the closing weeks of the Second World War, but in general the use of children as combatants has been limited. However, this has changed radically in recent decades. There are now as many as 300,000 children under 18 years old presently serving as combatants in 40 per cent of the world’s armed organisations (both non-state and state linked) and they fight in almost 75 per cent of the world’s conflicts. An additional set of as many as 500,000 children serve in armed forces not presently at war.

    While questions of differing cultural standards of maturity are sometimes raised, the youth in question cover a range considered underage both according to international law and by almost every state in its own legislation. Some 80 per cent of those conflicts where children are present include fighters under the age of 15 and 18 per cent of the world’s armed organisations have used children of 12 years and under. The average age of child soldiers found by separate studies in Southeast Asia and Central Africa was just under 13.

    The practice also differs from the past by including girls as well as boys.

    Roughly 30 per cent of the armed forces that use child soldiers also include girl soldiers. Underage girls have been present in the armed forces in 55 countries; in 27 of those countries, girls were abducted to serve and in 34 of them, the girls saw combat.

    Erik Young (Henry-Rasmussen-Fogh-Jellinek-Steinway-Einstein-Munch-Van Gogh- Gauguin-Da Vinci–Kennedy-Nesbitt) UN Human Rights Ambassador Bangkok Thailand

  4. This is why I want the Prime Minister ABHisit and Mr Thaksin Shinawatra aka Silvestere(ABH which means actual bodily harm is it a serious imprisonable crime in the UK) shipped back to the UK and prosecuted “BANGKOK: Thaksin vows to retake prime minister post – Topix21 posts – 7 authors
    Erik young is a peodo….his computor has loads an loads o child … old when she vanished and Mr silvestre tok her to Sri Lanka Goa and Thailand because he … – 105k – Cached – Similar pages”

    This is the sort of defamatory dishonest stories his group of followers propagate around to damage my family who they have been defrauding for over fifty years.
    Just do the same as the Israeli Special Forces did kidnap him stick him in a cargo crate and air freight him back to the UK and put him on trial.

    Do you understand Royal Thai Government and your TI.cia politicians. I want you executed for crimes against humanity and anyone involved in Satanic Games is not protected by The declaration of Human Rights you have abandoned humanity for satanism and can be put to death like a rabied dog is put to death.
    I will turn your world on top of its’ head again unless I find those two girls in the next few days.
    I absolutely despise your Heroin cartel and its Satanic Games and child abduction,brainwashing and torture techniques you are the scum of the earth.


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