Lawyer: freezing Thaksin’s assets unlawful

2007-06-19 19:22:27

BANGKOK, June 19 (Xinhua) — The additional freezing
of 8 billion baht (235 million U.S. dollars) from bank accounts of Thailand’s
ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s family is not lawful, Thaksin’s legal
adviser Noppadon Pattama said here on Tuesday.

    Noppadon claimed that the Assets Examination
Committee (AEC) did not investigate nor prove that the funds in these seven
accounts were illegally gained.

    The AEC’s decision followed the Council for National
Security’s order of how to take over power of the ousted premier Thaksin and to
completely destroy Thai Rak Thai party founded by Thaksin, the lawyer was quoted
by the Bangkok Post’s web news as saying.

    Noppadon said he will compile evidence to prove the
innocence of Thaksin and his family and will file a complaint to ask for the
lifting of the AEC’s order.

    One June 11, the AEC ordered assets of the deposed
prime minister Thaksin and his wife in 21 local bank accounts frozen on charges
of malfeasance while he was premier and unusually wealthy.

    The ruling came after the Constitution Tribunal on
May 30 disbanded Thai Rak Thai party, founded by Thaksin, and three small
political parties on electoral fraud during a general election in April last
year. The election was later ordered null and void.

    However, through a video clip released recently,
Thaksin said the AEC’s order was unfair since they did not have enough evidence.



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