Thaksin better not come back: Thai PM

UPDATED: 21:32, April 26, 2007

Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont said Thursday that chances of ousted
premier Thaksin Shinawatra returning to Thailand after elections are
slim, because charges facing him were in process.

“I would say please don’t ever come back,” Surayud said, when
media reporters ask him what he would say to Thaksin if could meet him
in person.

Surayud also dismissed widespread rumors that he had a secret
gentleman agreement with Thaksin that he would be permitted to the
country, local media reported.

In the past when confronted with the same question, Surayud
would say Thaksin should wait until after the election. It was not
clear if the statement meant a change in his position, local news
network The Nation commented.

The premier also admitted that one of the problems facing the
government was slow action. He denied that part of the problem came
from cabinet ministers, saying they have no hidden agenda in serving
the country.

He added that he had told his ministers to have medical check- ups and to meet the people to listen to their problems.

Surayud also confirmed that the government would stay until the
elections, and there was no way that any groups could cause a rift
between the government and the Council for National Security (CNS)
which led by Sonthi Boonyaratkalin.

Source: Xinhua



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