Mixed Reviews for Thailand’s Status Quo

Angus Reid Global Monitor : Polls & Research

April 13, 2007

Reid Global Monitor) – Few residents of Thailand’s capital feel things
in the country are better after an eventful year in politics, according
to a poll by the Research Institute of Bangkok University. Only 17 per
cent of respondents think the situation in the country has improved
over the past six months.

In addition, 32 per cent of respondents believe things have not changed, while 30 per cent say the situation has worsened.

In April 2006, a general election was held after The Thai Love Thais Party – Phak Thai Rak Thai
(TRT) leader Thaksin Shinawatra decided to dissolve the House of
Representatives. The prime minister faced a series of public
demonstrations after the Shinawatra and Dhamapong families sold their
combined 49.6 per cent shares in the SHIN telecommunications empire to
Singapore’s Temasek Holdings, in a transaction estimated at $1.88
billion U.S.

In May 2006, Thailand’s Constitutional Court
ruled, in an 8-6 decision, that the April general election was
unconstitutional. In September, the Thai Armed Forces enacted a
military coup. The group declared martial law, suspended the
constitution, affirmed their loyalty to the King, and released a
statement, which read: “We ask for the cooperation of the public and
ask your pardon for the inconvenience.” Surayud Chulanont was later
appointed as the new head of government.

On Mar. 29, Surayud
announced that the election to the House of Representatives would take
place either on Dec. 16 or Dec. 22, adding, “We are going to hold the
election as promised this year.” A referendum on a new Constitution has
been tentatively set for September.

Polling Data

How would you evaluate the situation in the country?

It has improved over the past six months


It has not changed


It has worsened over the past six months


Source: Research Institute of Bangkok University
Interviews with 1,171 respondents across Bangkok and adjacent
provinces, conducted in April 2007. Margin of error was provided.

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