Thai DM: Government could fall

2007-04-11 21:00:59

BANGKOK, April 11 (Xinhua) — Thai Defence Minister
Boonrawd Somtas Wednesday warned about the possible collapse of
government if street protests, be they from pro or anti-Thaksin camps,
were revived and turned unruly.

    Boonrawd was quoted by the website of the Thai
newspaper the Nation as saying that under normal circumstances, the
prime minister will not quit in spite of speculation to the contrary as
reported in the press but he might have to resign to pave way for a new
government if the situation was uncontrollable.

    He voiced concern that street
protests would start to mushroom as early as Monday or Tuesday, right
after the Songkran holiday break.

    Some protest organizers might cite
the constitution draft as reason to rally while others would aim at
attacking the junta and the government, he said, noting the real
underlying issue was about the Thaksin Shinawatra regime.

    “To put it simply, the ousted
regime is getting stronger by using the anti-coup issue as its rallying
point and this has prompted the anti-Thaksin campaigners to consider
reactivating their protests,” he said.

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