Bangkok turmoil

Witnesses to events in the Thai capital tell the BBC News website what they have seen.


The situation is very unclear at the moment and Thai people like myself
cannot receive any information from the media apart from the occasional
pre-recorded messages that more or less suggested that everything is
under control… I think everyone is wondering now why the state of
emergency was called in the first place. It is fair to say that as Thai
citizens we should be the first people to hear about this, not the
people who attend the UN Assembly.


I was on my way to the airport from Hua Lampong Station, thereby
passing through Government House. At least five tanks have blocked the
roads but everything seems to be calm, restaurants are closed down and
armed soldiers are patrolling on motorcycles.


I was holding a meeting in downtown Bangkok and the meeting was
interrupted and everyone was out of the building immediately. There are
also troops of fully armed soldiers and tanks around Bangkok, including
Chinatown. Now I am at my girlfriend’s place. My place is next to the
king’s palace.


On 16th floor of apartment, view cloudy because of rain, tank at end of
street. At home at my apartment right now, with a view across the city.
Looks kind of deserted… My phone started ringing off the hook a few
minutes ago with warnings from friends. All looks well from the balcony
of my apartment building, but only time will tell. The thing is,
Thaksin HIMSELF is the problem… Many people think that when he’s
gone, things will calm down.


I took a taxi to Government House, or as near to it as we could. Troops
and guys dressed in Swat-style gear are strolling around. There is a
tense but fairly controlled atmosphere. Tanks are lined up blocking the
streets, I saw a group of blokes bundling a cameraman and another chap
into a van. We are taking photos, but not out in the open.


As I emerged from the subway at Rama 4 and Sathorn I heard sirens and
then saw a convoy of military vehicles head on to Sathorn Road with
sirens blaring and buses of troops with guns at their sides. Haven’t
see this for many years here.


We are seeing a large manoeuvres of armed vehicles near Government House area. This is definitely for real!

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